Please experts give answer of Q1 and Q2

1.The French army helped the 13 American colonies to fight against the Great Britain and lead the independence war against the British government.The American struggle for freedom can be taken as a catalyst for the French revolution as this war added further to the debt of France which was now under debt of 1 billion livres that significantly strained the finances of nation.This made the French government to spend more on interests of debt payments and burden of taxation fell upon the third estate members which further worsen their situation thus compelling them to declare revolution against the king.
2.The French society in mid 18th century was divided into three estates.The first estate consisted of priestly classes and clergy while the second estate of nobles or rich people. The third estate consisted of farmers , traders ,artisans , blacksmiths etc.The people of third estate were usually poor and burden of taxation falls only upon the shoulders of these people while the first two classes enjoyed freedom from taxations .

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